Unique natural beauty rituals based on Ayurveda, Fito & Aromatheraphy principles.

Actualizado: 23 jun 2020

LINK TO MY WEB https://deatavares.wixsite.com/beautyday/copia-de-rituales-de-belleza

We handmade with love Fresh Cosmetics in small batches with the best Bio, Eco & Local Organic ingredients.

Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, DEA, BHA, BHT, dyes, essences and synthetic preservatives.

We use recyclable containers and our customers benefit from the return and refill of their pots.

Inspired by ancient beauty products from nature ***** 100% FROM NATURE*****

Everything we need is provided by nature. Our products use 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe, non-toxic and gentle on even the most sensitive skins.

NO FILLERS! ONLY INGREDIENTS THAT WORK Our products don’t contain any fillers, waters, sulphates, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances. Every oil, butter, superfood, flower and plant that we use has a specific purpose in each product, meaning almost every ingredient is “active”.

SELF PRESERVING We use ingredients that naturally preserve themselves and combine them in a way to create an environment that stops bacterial growth. We don’t need to use any harmful synthetic preservatives to keep our products fresh.


Thank you for supporting us!


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